Dictator IOG interfering in the AFAR/ISSA traditions

Dictator IOG interfering in the AFAR/ISSA traditions

(Figure1) In accordance to the rules of their millennial custom, the Afar people of Tadjourah enthroned Sultan Ahmed Chehem Ahmed and Vizir Banoita Ahmed Mohamed on October 17, 2022.

On Wednesday, October 26, 2022 ignoring the custom of the Afar people, Ismael Omar Guelleh personally enthroned a sultan he chose himself for the city of Tadjourah.

(Figure2) The sponsored Sultan of Guelleh is imposed on the people of Tadjourah.

The Republican Guard, the gendarmerie, the national army, the entire government, and state officials traveled to Tadjourah to participate in the festivities surrounding the enthronement of the false sultan.

In Zeila, in March 2010, Ismael Omar Guelleh had inducted for the Issa ethnic group, a false Ugaas, Moustapha Mohamed Ibrahim.

The Ugaas, decried everywhere by the Issa, was seated to the left of Ismael Omar Guelleh.


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