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Djiboutian League for Human Rights (LDDH) , a signatory member of the CTD provides update for Omar Mohamed Nour

Omar Mohamed Nour is a Djiboutian asylum seeker (former youth counselor of the Djiboutian dictator IOG) who had escaped Djibouti after being tortured while incarcerated.

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Translated Press release of the LDDH. 

A Djiboutian has been sentenced to prison in Somaliland.

According to sources close to the victim’s family, a young Djiboutian named Omar Mohamed Nour alias (Omar Zohra) was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months of incarceration by the court of first instance of Hargeisa in the capital of Somaliland on January 12, 2023.

The self-proclaimed republic of Somaliland is unrecognized by the international community.

Who is omar Mohamed Nour? And why was he convicted?

Omar Mohamed Nour is a young social activist, who is also critical of the GUELLEH regime.

He was arrested, beaten, kidnapped, and tortured by the Djiboutian national security authorities last year.

In addition, his identity papers were confiscated by security services. Consequently, Omar Mohamed Nour had fled the country to save his life. He returned to the Somaliland capital at the end of last year.

Subsequently, Nour was kidnapped by the Somaliland police at the request of the Djiboutian government at the end of October 2022.

The LDDH (Djiboutian League of Rights) condemns in the strongest terms the unjust sentencing of Omar Zohra.

The LDDH (Djiboutian Human Rights League) calls on Moussa Bihi’s government to immediately and unconditionally release the Djiboutian national.

The LDDH (Djiboutian Human Rights League) calls on the international community, international human rights organizations, and regional human rights organizations to intervene and pressure the self-proclaimed dissident republic of Somaliland into releasing Omar Mohamed Nour.

We shall hold the Somaliland authorities accountable for the fate of Omar Mohamed Nour.

Mahdi Samireh Sougueh

Vice president of the LDDH

Tel: 0025377852894


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