KADER KIDDOS a young Djiboutian blogger venting

Tuesday September 27,2022

https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10221192338345768&set=a.1379837223695 KADER KIDDOS a young Djiboutian blogger venting his frustration at the expenses of an internet connection: “ I’m not able to utilize the 08 connection submarine internet cables passing through Djibouti. Access to internet is a human right; here we have a bad and expensive internet connection despite the 08 internet cable (Djibouti distributes the e-cable to the rest of the region including SOMALILAND and ETHIOPIA).

He writes on Facebook:

“Can we afford to boycott when we are under monopoly?

Can we demonstrate freely when it is prohibited and severely repressed?

What can we do at this point?

We are stronger with the keyboard; we can use this strength to launch a campaign on social networks against the abuse of the dominant position of Djib-Telecom.”  09-27-2022 Explore

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