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We are appalled at the regular human-rights violations in Djibouti. Although it affects nearly a million global citizens in a country with massive geopolitical significance, news from Djibouti gets quickly lost in the international arena.

Sourced from the most trusted news agencies across the world, we keep you updated of the latest on Djibouti.

The police in Somaliland arrested Souleiman Aouled Arreh from the district of Gabiley on the night of May 19. Arreh, a Djiboutian activist, is known for posting short videos on Facebook denouncing the Guelleh’s regime in Djibouti. According to sources, the arrest was connected to Arreh’s social media activity. With the worsening human rights situation in Djibouti now afflicting the neighbouring Somaliland, the rights of foreigners like Arreh are in jeopardy, DjiboutianTV reports. 05-20-2022 Explore

Arbitrary arrests continue across Djibouti with the detention of Assoweh Abk, a member of the political opposition movement called Model. This is the latest in a series of blowbacks against peaceful activists by the Djiboutian authorities, DjiboutianTV reports. 05-20-2022 Explore

31-year old Mohamed Osman Robleh was arrested while visiting his brother who had been detained on a misdemeanour charge. The arrest of Mr. Robleh comes at the wake of fresh arrests of peaceful activists protesting against human-rights violations across Djibouti. With rising protests and condemnations at home and abroad, the authorities have fallen back on their usual tactic of threats, detention, and torture, DjiboutianTV reports. For more on this story, see our Facebook page 05-17-2022 Explore

The British Parliamentary lobby group (CFoD – Conservative Friends of Djibouti) have come out in loud support of Mr Cher and other political prisoners in Djibouti while strongly condemning the illegal detention of political opponents and civilians. The involvement of President Guelleh and his family in the matter of Mr. Cher has come to light once again, and questions have been raised about political and judicial authority in the country. The arrest of Mr Cher has attracted wide public attention, and calls for the release of all political prisoners have strengthened. The CFoD has called it a “watershed moment” in the political history of Djibouti as President Guelleh’s illegal and undemocratic regime scramble for wealth and authority in the face of unprecedented public dissent and international humiliation. 05-09-2022 Explore

34-year old Omar Daoud Omar, died in Ethiopia on May 2, 2022, following reports of torture at the hands of of the torture the gendarmerie, the Documentation and Security Service (SDS) and in the prison in Djibouti, the president of FRUD (Front to Restore Unity and Democracy in Djibouti) reports from Brussels.
The report says the assassination of Omar Daoud Omar was planned like that of the Mohamed Ahmed dit Jabha which occurred on August 1, 2017. The assasination has been categorized as a State crime.
If the allegation were proven true, it would imply that Djibouti, which has signed the Convention against Torture and Other Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or Punishment, is a torturer state.
Historically, President Guelleh’s regime in Djibouti had exacerbated the cycle of torture and repression against the Afar community that began the day after the proclamation of independence.
In 45 years, the Guelleh regime has tortured thousands of people, with several hundred having succumbed to torture.
On December 22, 2021, Farah Louback, an activist was tortured to death by SDS agents. In fact, torture and savage repression have become the trademark of the Guelle regime.
The death of Omar Daoud Omar is the latest victim of the regime. His late father, Daoud Omar, the resistance hero and martyr, had also been tortured.
Omar Daoud Omar, was arrested on January 17, 2021 at his place of work in Tadjourah by the Minister of Defense himself, on the President’s order. He was then subjected to torture on the premises of the gendarmerie and the Documentation and Security Service (SDS), his only crime being the brother of Abdo Omar Daoud, a FRUD leader.
While imprisoned and tortured in Gabode’s infamous cell 12, his health steadily deteriorated. As he became bedridden, he was deprived of medical assistance and on the intervention of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), he was released in January, 2022.
He died in Ethiopia from the after-effects of torture on May 2, 2022.
Others arrested with him in January 2021 because of their ties to FRUD, remain in prison. Among them are:
Abdo Youssouf Ahmed, Abdo Dahelo Abdallah, Hassan Mohamed Robleh,. Ibrahim Ahmed Houssein, Nouho Ali, Hassan Mohamed, Ali Osman Abdallah (whose father was executed by the regime in March 1994 in Terdo).
According to the president of the FRUD, Mohamed Kadamy,
FRUD reiterates its appeal to all international organisations including UN and The European Union for the defense of Human Rights (ICRC, AI, FIDH, OMCT, ACAT, RW, etc.) and the condemnation of human-rights violations in Djibouti.
05-04-2022 Explore

For the 4th time in four months, workers of the DLS/DMP at the Port of Djibouti protest in demand of unpaid dues.
Listen to their message on Youtube and Facebook.

Aerotel, the South African hotel housed in an out of order official plane that belonged to Djibouti, is sold by its dictator Ismail Omar Guelleh, voaafrique reports.
“SAL is the name of the former official plane of the president Ismail Omar Guelleh…this plane will be transformed on a 3-room private hotel…’’
04-30-2022 Explore

The president of the Djiboutian basketball league, Mr Djilani Mohamed, complains about the lack of access to sport facilities. The youth/sport ministry has systematically failed the talented Djiboutian youth who continue to seek asylum abroad. The alarming trend, that has grown in recent years, is indicative of a failing sport policy and possible corruption within the ministry. Incidences of corruption are not specific to the ministry per se, and instead defines President Guelleh’s regime as a whole. 04-29-2022 Explore

Downtrodden veterans speak to President Ismail Omar Guelleh about their abject conditions. Veterans are entitled to a meagre USD 150 every three months despite their service and commitment to the nation. The condition hasn’t improved over 20 years despite pleas and protestations and the daily misery of the veterans continues unabated. 04-28-2022 Explore

The apartment of Fatouma-Awo Ismaïl Omar, daughter of President Ismail Omar Guelleh, was visited upon by police officers from the Central Office for the Suppression of Serious Financial Delinquency (OCRGDF) on March 14, AFP reports.
The search is in connection with an investigation started by the National Finance Prosecutor’s Office (PNF) back in November 2018. The authorities had received a complaint relating to the 8th, 16th and 17th arrondissements in the French capital where members of the Guelleh family are known to reside with swathes of illegal amassed wealth.
The historical connection between the two countries continues to this day with France maintaining a strong military presence in Djibouti, a small but strategically significant country in the Horn of Africa.
04-29-2022 Explore

Salary cries across Djibouti surge with employees of ‘’Djibouti Office for the Development of Geothermal Energy’’ now demanding their unpaid dues of 4 months. 04-27-2022 Explore

Just 5 km from HARAMOUS, where the President and his executives relax in their private swimming pools, Djiboutians go thirsty. 04-25-2022 Explore

Houssein Nour Ali and Idleh Aden – high-level Djiboutian Athletes and victims of the Djiboutian Athletics Federation escape during travel to the marathon at Hamburg. They have since sought asylum at an unknown location in Europe. Back on September 3, 2021, 3 players from the national football team had requested asylum in France during transit. 04-24-2022 Explore

The CEO of the cement factory has responded to our post via his Facebook account. He claims that the factory owes its employees 3 – and not 4 months’ – worth of dues. 04-21-2022 Explore

Employees of the cement factory still without pay for 4 months.Employees of the Ali-Sabieh cement plant go without pay for 4 months, reported already on this issue a month ago on march 13,2022
Anarchy ,corruption and Human rights abuses are the daily routine of the Djiboutians held hostage by a violent dictatorship led by Ismail Omar Guelleh since 1999!
04-21-2022 Explore

Leaked confession from the new mayor of the capital city of Djibouti is distressing. In the leaked audio recording, the Mayor recognizes his powerlessness (in not having even been consulted upon before taking on his mayorship). Evidently he was chosen arbitrarily by the President of the ruling party (UMP) among candidates across three districts of the city (BOULAOS, RAS DIKA and BALABALA). Instead of challenging the puppeteer who put him in place, the mayor has instead decided to call for “discipline”! 04-18-2022 Explore

Captain Omar Invited to break the fasting (Iftar) with Scholar Cheikh Sh. Abdirahman Bashir (political figure ) and members of the Djiboutian diaspora in Minnesota.
Together, they called for unity and national cohesion, discussed the strengthening of religious and cultural ties among Djiboutians living abroad and prayed for Djiboutians back home.

Salary crisis continues with the private sector here employees of the security agency « G1S » demanding their salary! 04-14-2022 Explore

DJIBOUTIAN RADIO HOST THREATENED BY THE PPRESIDENT OF DJIBOUTIFathia Moussa Boukao, the host of”radio Boukao” , said on her radio show (BOUKAO GATE she has received death threats from the President Ismail Omar Guelleh (IOG) himself. The President has allegedly requested England for her deportation. The radio station (in exile) has stirred controversy by shedding light on the repressive policies of the President as well as the rampant corruption among Djibouti’s political classes.
The Djiboutian President Ismail Omar Guelleh is known to be violent. On January 26, 2022 a press release by the opposition party RADDE concerning the death threat to their president ABDOURAHMAN TX is a testimony: 04-14-2022 Explore

Three senior officials in the budget ministry arrested Following the imprisonment of the budget minister (see article of March 24, 2022), three senior officials in the budget ministry officials were arrested today for their roles in the case of fictitious salaries. The case recently hit the headlines across Djibouti. The ministers are:
1.The director of the Civil Service at the Ministry of Labour, Hassan Ibrahim Osman aka Hassan Petit
2.The director of the Services Department Mohamed Hassan Osman aka Bidji
3.The Deputy Director of Payroll at the Ministry of budget Elmi Abdillahi

Africa intelligence publishes article on how Djibouti became the family business of President Ismail Omar GuellehThe three children of President Ismaïl Omar Guelleh have developed their businesses in the shadow of paternal protection, while benefiting from the leniency of banks and government institutions. Abuse of power,corruption and embezzlement of public funds have culminated into the favourite sport of the dictator’s family.

04-11-2022 Explore

Teachers agitate against six months’ unpaid bonuses

Since the Sunday of April 10, 2022, teachers in the public sector of national education have been demanding payment for their overtime (

They haven’t been paid for six months. Here, many of them are gathered in the enclosure of the Ministry of National Education. This is one in a long line of similar protestations:

👉civil servants and agents of the Ministry of Budget demand a quarter of unpaid bonuses, reports. 03-19-2022

👉Employees of the Ali-Sabieh cement plant go without pay for 3 months, reports. 03-17-2022

👉Workers at the Port of Djibouti protest against unrealistic pay, reports. 03-13-2022

👉Police arrest public-health paramedics, who were demonstrating last week for a raise in salaries and guard bonuses. They have now been thrown into Nagad Administration Prison, La Voix de Djibouti reports. 02-21-2022


Residents protest against impoverishment, thirst and general misery

Residents in the impoverished neighbourhood of Buldhuqo, on the outskirts of Djibouti-ville, the Djiboutian capital, continue their protest against the rising cost of living, and the general misery this has resulted in.


👉Other source

👉In March 19,2022, women from another neighbourhood were seen agitating on the same issue:


One of Djibouti’s major free web radio, The Voice of Djibouti ( interviews’s CEO OMAR ALI HASSAN. The former captain and commander of the rapid intervention battalion disclosed cases of corruption and nepotism within the Djiboutian Army.04-08-2022 Explore

Ferouze Mahamoud Abdillahi, widow and mother of 4 kids shot dead on Tuesday March 29, 2022, by soldiers in the camp of the Ali-Sabieh Inter-Arms Battalion (BIAAS), located in the south-east of the Republic of Djibouti. 03-29-2022 Explore

Supporters of RADDE (a Djiboutian political party opposed to the dictatorship), a new non-violent protest march against soaring food prices took place this., 03-25-2022 Explore

Former budget minister of Djibouti arrested on corruption charges, ‘Djib Realite’ reports. 03-24-2022 Explore

Civil servants and agents of the Ministry of Budget demand a quarter of unpaid bonuses and fines, reports. 03-19-2022

Mothers in Djibouti protest against price rise of essential commodities, reports. 03-19-2022 Explore

Jobless truck drivers protest against job loss, reports. 03-19-2022 Explore

Demonstrations at the Ali-Sabieh cement plant met with force, reports. 03-18-2022

Employees of the Ali-Sabieh cement plant go without pay for 3 months, reports. 03-17-2022 Explore

Workers at the Port of Djibouti protest against unrealistic pay, reports. 03-13-2022 Explore

Workers incarcerated for 24 hrs after a peaceful protest, DjiboutianTV reports. 03-01-2022 Explore

Police arrest public-health paramedics, who were demonstrating last week for a raise in salaries and guard bonuses. They have now been thrown into Nagad Administration Prison, La Voix de Djibouti reports. 02-21-2022 Explore

Coup attempt in Djibouti, My Views on News reports. 02-16-2022 Explore

Djibouti faces a wave of arrests at the wake of an attempted coup, africanews reports. 02-16-2022 See here and here

Statement by the prosecutor of the Republic of Djibouti, RTD reports. 02-16-2022 Explore

The Central Intelligence Agency arranged and paid for the government of Djibouti to acquire Pegasus to assist the American ally in combating terrorism, despite longstanding concerns about human rights abuses there, reports. 01-28-2022 Explore

The Voice of Djibouti published the press release from the RADDE opposition party. 01-26-2022 Explore

A press release by the opposition party RADDE concerning the death threat of their president ABDOURAHMAN TX. 01-26-2022 Explore

Did the President of Djibouti make death threats to his opponent? A short and terse exchange between someone claiming to President Ismail Omar Guelleh and the police-chief Col. 01-26-2022 01-26-2022 Explore

DP World wins another round against Djibouti on Doraleh, Energy Voice reports. 01-24-2022 Explore

Precarious humanitarian situation in the Afar region, Nouvelles de Djibouti reports. 01-04-2022 Explore

IMF staff completes 2021 Article IV Mission to Djibouti, IMF reports. 12-21-2021 Explore

Fear of economic damages in Djibouti, Meridiano 42 reports. 11-15-2021 Explore

Fiddling with football while Djiboutians suffer, Maher Mezahi at New Frame reports. 09-18-2021 Explore

Djibouti Port Company’s termination bid ruled unlawful by the London Court of International Arbitration, Ecofin Agency reports. 06-12-2021 Explore

Guelleh’s re-election spells nothing new for Djibouti, International Policy Digest reports. 04-16-2021 Explore

Special Report on President Guelleh’s fifth-term, by Pangea-Risk. 04-12-2021 Explore

Hopes to oust dictator, TwinCities Pioneer Press reports. 03-27-2021 Explore

Arrest of military pilot sparks protests in Djibouti, Reuters and GardaWorld report. 06-09-2020 Explore

Djibouti should protect jailed pilot’s rights, Human Rights Watch reports. 07-02-2020 Explore

Djibouti emerges as major arms trafficking hub, RFI reports. 09-16-2018 Explore

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