Major demonstration in Brussels pays off

Major demonstration in Brussels pays off

The CTD, a political organization fighting for democracy in Djibouti, along with the Somali people of Las Anod, organized a protest in Brussels (in front of the European union parliament) against the interference of the Djiboutian dictator IOG and the war crimes of Somaliland’s dictator Muuse Biixi in Las Anod city. Learn more about this in our previous article: .

On January 28th, 2023, the UK suspended its financial support of the Somaliland security program due to reports of oppression in Lasanod city and lack of accountability among Somaliland security forces. Instead, the UK will prioritize humanitarian emergencies in Somaliland.

The organizers of the protest would now be received by the EU office in Brussels, where they can share their concerns around the ongoing crisis in the horn of Africa.

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