Here in the United States and beyond, we create awareness about the major issues affecting Djibouti via tireless activism and networking, such as by sponsoring peaceful rallies, that advocate the need for democracy, human rights, and free speech in Djibouti.


  • 01-24-2021: Protest in Minnesota against the fifth mandate of President Ismail Omar Guelleh in Djibouti. See video
  • 03-27-2021: First press release of CTD-Djibouti at St. Paul, Minnesota. The event was sponsored by our partner, independence.org, and reported on ABC News and Pioneer Press.
  • 06-12-2021: Peaceful protest with Djiboutian expatriates in front of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s office. See here

  • 11-11-2021 and 11-121-2021: Participation in Blockchain for Governance in Barcelona, Spain to enforce numerous partnerships enforcing democracy and human rights. The trip was kindly sponsored by our partner, independence.org See here
  • We offer logistic and financial support to our strategic partner, ctddjibouti.org, in carrying out peaceful protests and awareness campaigns. ctddjibouti.org is working hand in hand with us to actualise democracy and human rights for the common man in Djibouti.

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