We work on the ground in Djibouti in two ways.  

First, by providing material help and support to human rights activists, opposition coalitions and members of the civil society. Besides promoting democracy and human rights, we regularly condemn violence, corruption and authoritarianism emanating from the regime.  

Second, we provide humanitarian relief — food, drinking water, clothes and temporary shelter — to Djiboutians in need. We also support, and help rehabilitate people subjected to indiscriminate torture and violence at the hands of the regime. 


          • Barkat Abdoulwahab Ali Oudoum, is an activist blogger illegally incarcerated in Gabode “as a preventive measure”. In addition to providing him with legal assistance, we are committed to financially supporting his wife and 4 kids. Read the full story here
          • Abdallah Abro, is an activist and a member of the ARD Party. We provided him with medical assistance while recovering from a car accident in December 2020.
          • Abro, delivered medical relief – provided by us – to a young female protester, shot in the leg by the police. Two weeks later, Abel was arrested and held in confinement till November 4, 2021. Explore
          • We provided food and groceries to the displaced victims of the massacre of Warable between August 1 and 2, 2021. In October 2021, we provided food and groceries to the displaced Afar communities in northern Djibouti.

          • We support undercover reporters, who risk their lives to bring the truth about Djibouti to the fore. When caught, they are subjected to torture and incarceration.

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