The CTD Djiboutian significant opposition political coalition made a press release to fully condemn the Djiboutian dictatorship regime for having voted and qualified the armed political party FRUD as a terrorist group and made voted the fake puppet Djiboutian parliament this law. Here is the translated press release 👇:

“The CTD regrets the development of a new murderous episode in Djibouti between government forces and FRUD combatants overnight from October 6 to 7, 2022, at #GARABTISAN in the country’s north.

Several peace agreements or civil harmony agreements have nevertheless been signed with the government since the outbreak of the armed struggle in October 1991.

The CTD testifies in soul and conscience that none of these agreements has found the lesser application by the manifest refusal of the governing party to respect the word given and agree to open the way to a negotiated solution of the political crisis that has been simmering in Djibouti since June 1977, the date of the accession of
country to national independence confiscated by the same presidential clan.

The CTD vigorously rejects the reaction of the National Assembly of Djibouti, strict chamber of registration of presidential power, qualifying the FRUD with “TERRORIST GROUP” by a law of Thursday, October 13, 2022, following the deadly clash of #GARABTISAN.

The CTD calls on the national and international community to become aware of the State of absolutism that continues in Djibouti, making it impossible to action on the political ground and seeking to qualify as terrorist any action
of defense carried out on the basis against the forces of repression of the clan presidential.

Link to the press release 👇 on the CTD official Facebook

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