FRUD press release declaring the release of six prisoners. In contrast, Djibouti’s dictator refused to release the political prisoners illegally detained in the prison of Gabode.

On November 17, the armed political party FRUD, in their press release

proposed exchanging all six prisoners of the Djiboutian armed forces for humanitarian reasons. On the other side, the Djiboutian dictatorship regime refused to liberate political prisoners like the pilot Fouad Youssouf Ali, the activists Barkad Abdoulwahab Ali Oudoum and Houssein Mokbel as well as the former minister of budget Abdoulkarim Aden Cher and the poor civilians of the village of Garabtisan where the combats happened between FRUD and the Djiboutian Army. This humanitarian act shows how respectful the FRUD is to human rights but also shows how arrogant and pitiless the regime of dictator IOG, who is imprisoning any voice or even Facebook post that criticizes him; he is the first response of the political and economic crisis as well as the massacre and torture of hundreds of Djiboutians. We remember the inhuman conditions of detention of pilot Fouad Youssouf Ali. We recognize the other innocent prisoners who died in the prison of Gabode, the dictator’s prison, among them FARAH LOUBAK December 22, 2021, GADIDCHE LADIEH, September 11, 2019, MAHMOUD ELMI RAYALEH, August 29, 2013; Mohamed Ahmed Edou August 07, 2017, and so many unknown civilians and the massacres of the DJIBOUTIAN GADABOURSI 1990, the DJIBOUTIAN AFAR of ARHIBA 1991, the DJIBOUTIAN ISSA YONIS MOUSSA 2015.

Also, Omar Daoud Omar, who was illegally arrested on January 17, 2021, died (after his release from the Djiboutian prison of Gabode) in Ethiopia from the after-effects of torture on May 2, 2022.

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