These are our eyes and ears – some of the most trusted resources on the ground dedicated to finding the truth in, and of Djibouti

  • ARD PartyThe Republican Alliance for Democracy (ARD) is a major opposition political party in Djibouti, founded by Ahmed Dini Ahmed. In the parliamentary election held on 10 January 2003, the party was part of the Union for a Democratic Change, which won 37.3% of the popular vote. Regularly met with force at the hands of an authoritarian regime, ARD is hopeful of a democratic Djibouti in the future.
  • Nouvelles de DjiboutiNouvelles de Djibouti (translates to News from Djibouti) is an essential feeder of regular information for everything Djibouti, that focuses on government abuses often unreported in mainstream media. The platform is growing in popularity for promoting independent journalism via in-depth reporting and extensive research.
  • Djibouti LibreDjibouti Libre is an innovative platform that connects Djibouti’s political forces with members of its civil society. It aims to promote dialogue and debate amongst various local stakeholders on the major issues of the day, thereby empowering them in favor of change and progress.
  • ARDHD – “The ARDHD site has contained information and articles on Djibouti since 1999, updated daily and sometimes hourly when the situation demands. With its archives, the site offers everyone an irreplaceable memory of the situation experienced in Djibouti. It allows all those who wish to express themselves on the situation in the country, to denounce the human rights violations that are committed without interruption by the regime, its relatives and the forces at their service.”
  • Ardoukoba TVArdoukoba TV defines itself as “a fress press organ” for Djiboutians all over the world.
  • LE FRUD EN LUTTE – LE FRUD EN LUTTE is an opposition group advocating for democracy and women’s rights in Djibouti. The group has a large international following, especially in Europe.
  • Force Progressiste pour le Changement – As the name suggests, it is a group of political activists actively engaged in movements for democracy in Djibouti.
  • Tempo AfricTv – Tempo AfricTv is an online television platform especially tailored to Djibouti’s diaspora that features in-depth coverage with professional rigor.

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