Teachers agitate against six months’ unpaid bonuses

Teachers agitate against six months’ unpaid bonuses

Since the Sunday of April 10, 2022, teachers in the public sector of national education have been demanding payment for their overtime ( https://youtu.be/lMrdxqyhyqk).

They haven’t been paid for six months. Here, many of them are gathered in the enclosure of the Ministry of National Education. This is one in a long line of similar protestations:

👉civil servants and agents of the Ministry of Budget demand a quarter of unpaid bonuses, djiboutian.com reports. 03-19-2022

👉Employees of the Ali-Sabieh cement plant go without pay for 3 months, djiboutian.com reports. 03-17-2022

👉Workers at the Port of Djibouti protest against unrealistic pay, djiboutian.com reports. 03-13-2022

👉Police arrest public-health paramedics, who were demonstrating last week for a raise in salaries and guard bonuses. They have now been thrown into Nagad Administration Prison, La Voix de Djibouti reports. 02-21-2022


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