The CTD General Assembly

The CTD General Assembly has designated Mr. Mohamed Kadamy Youssouf as the coordinator and Mr. Mahdi Ibrahim God as the spokesperson of the CTD.

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Translation of the press release:

CTD Board of Directors


CTD Communiqué No. 10. January 18, 2023.

We, the undersigned, members of the General Assembly of the signatories of the Charter for Democratic Transition in Djibouti (CTD), acting in the name and on behalf of the CTD, designate, in accordance with the statutes and the rules of procedure:

Mr.Mohamed Kadamy CTD Coordinator;

Mr. Mahdi Ibrahim God, CTD Spokesperson.

As such, Mr. Mohamed Kadamy and Mr. Mahdi Ibrahim God represent the CTD wherever needed to act and communicate on its behalf.

This designation takes effect immediately.

Done in Paris, January 18, 2023

CTD Board of Directors

Charter for Democratic Transition in Djibouti.

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