The Martyrs’ Day podcast was hosted by Capt

The Martyrs’ Day podcast was hosted by Capt. Omar Ali Hassan to mark the one-year anniversary of the massacre against the Afar community. The massacre took place in Warabaleh-PK12-Arhiba-Tadjourah, the latest in a series of oppressive measures dating back to 1977. Guests on the podcast were: 1. President of the FRUD, Mr. MOHAMED KADAMY (Paris) 2. President of the ARD,Mr. ADAN ABDOU (Djibouti) 3. Vice-president of the FPC, Mr. SAMATAR HASSAN (Belgium) 4. A representative of the ARD in FRANCE (Paris). All the four are founding members of CTD-Djibouti and Through, they sent relief (150 dollars’ worth of food per family) for 20 families victimised by the massacre.   08-01-2022 Explore

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