Washington DC

Washington DC

Djibouti’s bloodthirsty dictator IOG (Ismail Omar Guelleh) is now officially the cancer in the horn of Africa.

Besides instigating violence  between the AFAR and the ISSA communities within Djibouti (see our article (https://djiboutian.com/dictator-iog-interfering-in-the-afar-issa-traditions/), the Djiboutian dictator is now accused of providing military support (ammunition and weapons) to the Somaliland dictator in Las Anod of the SSC region in Somaliland. (Djibouti shares its territorial border with the self-proclaimed Somaliland). Fighting in Las Anod, located in self-declared Somaliland, has resulted in the deaths of at least 70 people, while causing injury to more than 360 people. More than 185,000 people have had to evacuate the region.  (See here: https://www.theafricareport.com/286829/somaliland-violence-in-las-anod-a-tug-of-war-between-states/ ).

Muuse Biihi, the dictator of the self-proclaimed Somaliland and brother-in-law to the dictator in Djibouti, has resorted to indiscriminate bombing of the people in Las Anod for the last 25 days. This is in retaliation for popular resistance against nepotism, injustice and political murders. Although Biihi’s presidential mandate officially expired in November 2022, he continues to hold power illegally in a manner reminiscent of the Djiboutian dictator.

Similar to IOG’s repressive tactics against the FRUD (see our article: https://djiboutian.com/who-is-the-terrorist-the-frud-or-the-djiboutian-dictatorship/), Biihi declared that the people of Las Anod are terrorists. No country or international organization however accepted this statement and the US urged Muuse Biihi to stop shelling Las Anod. Relatives of Las Anod residents living in the US protested both in front of the Djiboutian Embassy in Washington DC and the US Department of State denouncing the dictators in Djibouti and Somaliland. They carried posters that described IOG as the ”CANCER IN THE HORN OF AFRICA”. Protests in and about Somaliland have inspired fresh outrage among the Djiboutian population and caused great alarm to the dictator.

The CTD coalition is set to demonstrate in front of the European Union building in Brussels on Friday, March 03, 2023 against crimes committed by the dictators in Djibouti and Somaliland.


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