Building partnerships is key to rebuilding Djibouti.

We value our partners who enable us, inspire us, and support our work everyday.

  • – The Independence Project offers a wide and collaborative network of digital assets. Under its banner, the Independence Project hosts a wide variety of social impact companies that cater to different yet connected business niches or verticals, represented by a portfolio of websites. Each of these websites acts as a unique digital asset as they are committed to work synergistically and collectively within a custom built system of turnkey solutions.
  • provides veterans with rewarding business and employment opportunities — all within the framework of a community, where cooperation and collaboration are the keys to pro-fessional and personal fulfillment. With the aim to bring veterans together, and to empower them to help each other in creative and beneficial ways, hosts a network of subdomains that cater to specific business verticals, and establishes unique partnerships among these to help veterans access skills, products, and emerging markets.
  • is our collaborator on the ground in Djibouti. It is an influential body comprising of local political parties, human-rights organizations, political personalities, and concerned members of the civil society, who are working towards a democratic transition by peaceful and effective means.

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