The Story of a Woman Confronted with Death Threats

“The Story of a Woman Confronted with Death Threats, Tribal Blackmail, and Psychological Harassment.”

In a poignant video shared on social media showing a woman crying ‘’time stamp 01h14min30s , Oumalkere Robleh Elmi (AKA Bullo Qareen Rooble Dheere) , a courageous and peaceful Djiboutian activist, a mother and former high school philosophy teacher, reveals how she is alienated from her kids for over a year from her ex-husband, who works for the department of justice.

Through intimidation and the abuse of power, Oumalkere has been coerced into silence and forced to support an oppressive regime that inflicts daily injustices inflicted upon the Djiboutian public. As a progressive woman, she stands firmly for justice and equality. Yet the leaders of her own tribe, instead of protecting her, seem to have turned their backs on her, leaving her vulnerable.

07-22-2023 Explore

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