Confiscation of the Passport of the President of the ARD

Authorities confiscate passport belonging to the President of the ARD (signatory member of the CTD)

Djiboutian authorities have confiscated the passport of Mr. Adan Mohamed Abdou upon his arrival at Djibouti International Airport. Mr. Abdou, President of the ARD, secretary general of the UDT and a member of the Horn of Africa Trade Union Confederation (HACTU = Horn of Africa Confederation Trade Unions is a Trade Union organization ambitions to advance the economic, social, political, and cultural interests of the working community in the IGAD Region) had been invited to the inter-ministerial conference of IGAD (The Intergovernmental Authority on Development – IGAD – in Eastern Africa,created in 1996, has 8 member states). The conference was financed and supported by the ILO partner of IGAD. 

Against mounting pressure from the Djiboutian authorities to replace Mr. Abdou with their trade union alibi, the secretary general of the UDT, in a show of courage, took leave of the conference, which was delayed by a day and a half as a result. 


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