Paris, April 17, 2023, press release from CTD

Paris, April 17, 2023, press release from CTD.

The CTD, Charter for Democratic Transition in Djibouti, condemns the crackdown on the opposition in Djibouti. Not content with having expelled two mission chargés from the International Federation of Human Rights Leagues (FIDH) in mid-March 2023, the Djiboutian government has just decided on April 11, 2023, to arrest the Secretary of Organization of the ARD and President of the Federation of Obock, Ahmed Ali Mohamed, followed by the arrest on April 13, 2023, of the MRD Coordinator for Europe, Moustapha Ahmed Ali, who was passing through Djibouti.

Ahmed Ali Mohamed was remanded in custody at Gabode prison, while Moustapha Ahmed Ali was intercepted upon his plane’s landing and taken by the SDS, the national security documentation service. The arrest of Ahmed Ali Mohamed is said to follow his denunciation of the violence perpetrated on March 28, 2023, by the police against Eritrean refugees in the Markazī camp in Obock, but no motive could be identified for the arrest of Moustapha Ahmed Ali.

The CTD condemns the oppressive tactics of the Ismael Omar Guelleh regime and demands the immediate and unconditional release of Ahmed Ali Mohamed, Moustapha Ahmed Ali, and all prisoners of conscience from Djiboutian prisons.

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