In Djibouti, the corrupt are designated to fight corruption

In Djibouti, the corrupt are designated to fight corruption

Corruption has scaled new heights in Djibouti and has become the dictator’s favorite ammunition to appease the population. In the guise of fighting corruption, a small minority has only ended up enriching themselves while the majority continue to suffer.

The attached decree (see picture) shows Badria Zakaria Cheikh Ibrahim being designated as the head of the anticorruption commission.  She is the daughter of the general Zakaria Cheikh Ibrahim (the notably corrupt Djiboutian chief of staff).

In the midst of this, the Djiboutian battalion Hill 09 deployed in Somalia hasn’t been paid for 12 months, while General Zakaria Cheikh Ibrahim is reportedly retaining 300-400 dollars per soldier per diem. The first deployed Djiboutian battalion in the African mission in Somalia started in 2011 and since then the General has been actively involved in embezzlement. (For the 2000 Djiboutian soldiers deployed, around 600 000 USD per month is pocketed by the General and his collaborators).


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