Violent Assault on Eritrean Refugees in Obock Refugee Camp

“Violent Assault on Eritrean Refugees in Obock Refugee Camp”.

The Djiboutian political opposition party A R D (republican alliance for the development) , signatory of the C T D (charter for a democratic transition in Djibouti), reports that law enforcement officers violently assaulted Eritrean refugees in the Obock refugee camp for protesting against relocation to a potentially hostile camp. The refugees, many of whom are women and belong to the Afar community, have suffered injuries. The report suggests negatively-biased interference from public authorities in the management of refugees. The report calls on the UNHCR to regain its composure and return to its code of conduct, thar asserts impartiality with regards to the ethnic, religious, and/ geographical affiliation of refugees. Besides asking ONARS to treat refugees equally by taking into account regional ethnic tensions, the report draws attention to the persistence of abuses that risks sparking fresh tensions among Djiboutian communities.

03-28-2023 Explore

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