Employees of a public company at Lake Assal, located 90 minutes from the capital, have gone without pay for 5 months in stark contrast to their foreign colleagues who are paid on time and without delay. Despite complaining to the authorities multiple times, the workers have so far failed to assert their rights.

Now they have taken to releasing a video on social media denouncing the authorities and, in particular, the President of Djibouti, whom they hold responsible for the ongoing economic crisis in the country. The current regime is known for everything from corruption and abuse of power perpetrated by the President and those closest to him. In addition to a slew of scare-tactics to suppress dissent, the regime has practiced mass embezzlement of public finances leading to a rise in poverty and suffering for the common Djiboutian.

This is not an isolated case, but one in a long line of crisis-flare ups over the last 3 years. Non-payment of dues has affected everyone from teachers, healthcare professionals, journalists, cement plant workers, Djibouti Port and Tadjourah Port officials, security personnel and others.

02-06-2023 Explore

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